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Trim and Cut Audio Files Online

Max file size 10MB

Audio Trimmer is a simple online tool which lets you trim your audio files on the fly. Choose your file and click Upload to get started!

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Supported audio formats

  • mp3
  • wav
  • wma
  • ogg
  • m4r
  • 3gpp
  • m4a
  • aac
  • amr
  • flac
  • aif

Online Mp3 Trimmer

Trim mp3 tracks and other audio files online without installing complex software on your device.

Do you want to crop that certain part out of your favourite song? Perhaps you would like to remove unwanted sections of your audio recordings? If so, Audio Trimmer is just for you!

Easy To Use

Totally free and easy to use! Upload your audio, select the part you want to cut out, and click crop. Your trimmed audio file will be ready within seconds!

If you are looking for a full featured audio editor, you can try Audacity, which is an open source downloadable software.

Mobile Friendly

Designed to work on most modern devices including tablets and mobile phones. Cut songs and audio records directly on your mobile device's browser. No need to install third party apps or programs!

Create Ring Tones

Create audio loops, ring tones, alarms, and notification sounds. You can even apply a simple fade in and fade out effect to achieve a smoother transition.

Add emotion, impact, and energy to your projects with royalty free music and sound effects starting from $1